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   AWA, being one of the few anime cons that have a contest that allows for more then just AMVs, is the con I made this video exclusively for. I wanted to branch out from editing anime for a bit and work on something different, and this was it.
   It all started with Colossalcon at the Kalahari in Sanduski OH this year. I was preparing footage for The AMV Wars, an Iron Chef tournament that I run with a few friends at cons in the midwest, and I decided to throw a curve ball at our editors by forcing them to use the live action Speed Racer movie. While I was working on the opening video which introduces the sources I really started enjoying working with the footage. While being live action it still felt very anime like in how it was dealt with which made things a little easier. Of course, I had decided due to the lack of music I had with me at the time to use the audio from TESTOSTEROS and from there I was hooked. The audio fit so well with Speed Racer I just had to do it.
   When I got home I started going through my music collection trying to find a suitable version of the song. This is where I came up with the Original Mix. While essentially the same song as the album version, which is was TROS used, it had a much more open and wide feeling to it. I however didn't care much for the ending, which I thought was sub-par in comparison to the album mix. However after much work trying to mix the two together I gave up on it because the only way to make the album version's ending sound like it fit with the Original Mix was to kill what made the song pop for me in the first place, so I just decided to deal with it.
   Editing of the video took place over about 3 days in a span of 2 weeks. Overall I think I put in about 16 hours on this video, not including the time I put in for the credits and the 60fps version. I had a few friends who were not going to enter AWA's Pro contest beta the video for me and I got great responses from them. I knew I had a winner on my hands after that.
   So after getting the disks, voting, and waiting for the results I finally found out that this video won the Best Non-Anime award. I myself wasn't expecting to win that award since there was another video in pro I thought was better for that, but instead I was expecting to win Best Action. However, in the end what normally happens with the Action and Upbeat categories did, the same video took both. Since this video didn't make it into Upbeat but instead Action (which I'm a little confused about since this is more upbeat then actiony) I figured it was a lost cause.
   So that's now 2 racing videos under my belt, both of which are great videos but in the end both failed at attaining the prize sought after due to pro editors being RACEists :P It would figure, I'd have to make a non-anime video in order to pull an award from AWA... Anyway, go give the vid a watch, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. After all, it's 'F*Kin FAST!'

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