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Wow, has it been a while since my last update. As anyone can tell from the list of videos I've updated the site, just not this news feed. Ooops ^^()

Anyway, I just thought I'd take the time to talk about a podcast network/series/ect that I am running right now called This Week in AMVs. Each week I come out with 3 podcasts that I release on youtube, 1 livestream of videos from the previous week, and 2 blog posts featuring videos both new and old.

Basically, this is where most of my free time relating to AMVs has been going recently. Sure, I'm working on a few AMV projects, but these podcasts are what mostly runs through my NLE. If you're into AMVs, or just want to see some recommendations of good videos, give it a watch.

This Week in AMVs Website

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