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Want to trade links with me? I'm open to link trades between other distribution and AMV related sites.

To initiate the trade simply send me a message (my contact info is listed in the about me section) letting me know you want to trade. In the message point me to your website and give me an image I can use to link to you with. If you have a similar page to this one you can simply direct me there and I'll grab the image(s) that I like. I'll add you to my Links/Affiliates page ASAP.

The other part of the trade of course is to put a link to this site on your website. Simply make the image link to: http://videos.ngsilver.com and feel free to grab any of the images I provide below to link it to. If you have a specific size you prefer that isn't here let me know and I will make a version for you.

Please save the image locally on your web server. I will not steal your bandwidth by using your images direct from your web space so please don't do it to me.


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